Événement, performance

Ola Maciejewska

The Second Body

The Second Body

Art Safiental Biennale

14:00, 20.07.24

Every two years, an international outdoor exhibition with a changing focus on the latest trends in Land and Environmental Art takes place in the Safiental (Grisons, Switzerland). After New Land Art (2016), Horizontal – Vertical (2018), Analog – Digital (2020), and Learning from the Earth (2022). The theme for 2024 is: What if? Songs from Tomorrowlands.

A body and a block of ice: one, a complex organism made of muscles, bones and veins, 80% of which is liquid; the other, made 100% of frozen water. The performance invites us to witness the permeability of these two bodies of water in constant metamorphosis. Inspired by Daisy Hildyard‘s writings according to which human beings have two bodies – one tangible and second more diffuse, involved in a network of exchanges with other ecosystems, the work also raises questions of human disruption of climate and ecology. (JL)

Ola Maciejewska is a Polish-born dancer, artist and choreographer based in France.

The Second Body, 2023-24, Ola Maciejewska © DR

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